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i still feel

Templeton Thompson

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in HONOR of our dearly LOVED & GREATLY missed, BEAUTY~full friend, Sandy Lovato O:) www.stampedeofdreams.org

the story behind if i didn't need the money...

once upon a time, in a faraway land, sorry, couldn't help it ...up until a few years ago, i sang a lot of demos for a lot of songwriters in nashville...

well a few years ago a VERY well~known & uber~talented nashville studio musician contacted me & asked for me to be a "stunt singer" so~to~speak for a VERY famous country music artist....sorry, names will have to remain, nameless=) basically i was being hired to sing "scratch" or "rough" vocals, basically being a guide singer so when the tracks were being recorded there was someone actually in the vocal booth singing along...well, if i remember correctly, i was hired to learn about four tunes for that day & being the conscientious cowgirl that i am, i knew every song note for note because i was being hired to do a job & part of my job as a demo singer was to come into the studio prepared=) well, they were running behind in the studio, it happens, but i was just happy to be there, being paid to do what i love to do, SING!!=) and the songs were GREAT songs written by some uber~talented, well~known singer/songwriters in nashvegas...so, i get into the vocal booth, after i'd said my hellos to everybody, including the producers of this session who i will now refer to as the "pop boys";) they were nice enough, didn't honestly pay much attention to me, anywhoo, LONG story endless, we start recording this first song, i KNEW the song like the back of my hand, i swear!! BUT, they changed it up from the recording i had been listening to to learn it...and, well, let's just say after about the 3rd time i missed my cue to come in with the vocal, the "producer" says to me, "little girl, can you count to 10?" to which i replied after a very big southern eye roll all to myself since you really couldn't see me in the vocal booth, at least i hope not, and as i moved my lips closer to the vocal mic, i said, "templeton," very gracefully but with authority;) i had hoped he might instead call me by the name that i am SO very proud to have BUT, nope, he proceeded to say it AGAIN at which point, i really rolled my eyes & muttered to myself, "if i didn't need the money" and well, "history" as they say...but, hay, me & sam (my hubs) & porter howell got a song out of it & i'm grateful for it & for that experience to this day...what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right? & do you know, those two "producers" hired me to stay on & finish out that song and use my lead vocal & harmonies on that master recording (at least for that moment who knows what happened after that=) I LOVE that song to this day, still makes me grin & bless those boys hearts, they sure were nice to me after we got over that "little girl" moment...i hope they're doin' well=)

~~ & just so you know, i DID refrain from waving goodbye with just one finger & i giggle when i think of how oftentimes when we're out performing, especially at horsey events, we've had more than one mom or dad or both come up to us & say, "my kiddo just loves that "wave goodbye with just one finger song," i always smile & then, apologize~~

have a ROCKIN' day & i hope you're doin' what you LOVE in life, i feel blessed & grateful everyday for that gift and, if you're not doin' somethin' you LOVE, figure out what you LOVE to do & DO IT!!! life's short, spend it with those you LOVE & who LOVE YOU BACK...anyone who makes me do the "eye roll," due to ego or unfounded ego, or whatever else;) well, i move along & say bless their hearts & how nice