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Music Row Magazine’s Robert Oermann recently reviewed the title track of Templeton’s “life on planet cowgirl” CD.
”The title tune to this lady’s latest is a rippling little gem. Sparkling guitar licks, a heartfelt vocal and a sunny lyric are the calling cards here.”

Oermann’s take on Templeton’s Texas Radio hit, "If I Didn't Need the Money"
-"Templeton Thompson, love the name. It sounds like the moniker of a star. And, happily, her zesty vocal sounds star-like, too. There's energy and fire in this upbeat country-rocker."

and, "girls & horses"..."The title tune to her current cd reveals the songwriter's other passion, horses. The catches & breaks in her soprano are as ear-catching as the lilting melody"...

and MORE from our great friends at C & I!!

Templeton Thompson shared with us some of the songs that really inspire her (see her playlist below). We wanted to add our two cents about Tempy's own music that we find inspiring. Take the two songs she contributed to Patti Hall's On Horses' Wings benefit compilation CD for Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center: "Girls & Horses" and "Wishin' You Wings." In the liner notes, Hall thanks Tempy for her "dear friendship, giving spirit, and angelic voice." We couldn't agree more. You can hear her angelic voice on her CDs, and to give you an idea of how giving her spirit is, we're taking the liberty of reprinting part of an e-mail exchange with Tempy during the production of the C&I story on her and the review of On Horses' Wings.

"Have really enjoyed getting to talk a lot about Patti Hall's On Horses' Wings CD ... she's the sweetest, coolest cowgirl :-) . Cannot thank y'all enough for being so supportive of Patti's project - I'm so proud of her, so honored to be a part of this deal, and I just know it's going to be successful in raising lots of money and awareness for such a beautiful cause. ... Hope you're havin' a beautiful day!" tt

TT's C & I playlist

thanks to the folks at Trafalgar Square/Horse & Rider Books for this fun Q & A!!

Templeton Thompson: Must Hear 
Country Singer & Horse Woman


Templeton Thompson’s Debut Video, “When I Get That Pony Rode” Scores National Attention Through Video Airplay

VIEW THE VIDEO: "When I Get That Pony Rode" - here
STREAM THE SINGLE: “When I Get That Pony Rode” – here (SoundCloud)
About Templeton Thompson:
Country artist and Texas native Templeton Thompson has penned songs for Reba McEntire, Jo Dee Messina and Little Texas, but currently it is her own song, “When I Get That Pony Rode” that is getting the attention. The songstress teamed up with Cindy Meehl (the award-winning director of Buck, the film) to make a music video for Templeton’s song, released in April 2013. The video has consecutively appeared on GAC’s Daily Countdown, and had abundant streams on, leading it to be the #1 ranked video for several days. The singer-songwriter has also had her songs featured in feature-films and television shows. For more information about Templeton, visit
Press Image #1 - here
Press Image #2 - here
Link to Press Release: Templeton Thompson's Debut Video, "When I Get That Pony Rode" Scores National Attention Through Video Airplay -  here
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Templeton was asked to write a song for "Sculpting the Wind: Alexa King & the Making of the Barbaro Memorial Statue" a now Emmy winning documentary by Allison Pareis. 
The song "i love to run (a song for Barbaro)" is now available at CD Baby & on itunes & is also available on the new 
i remember you cd re~release=) a music video for "i love to run" will be coming soon as's to dreamin' big, workin' hard, havin' faith, doin' what you love, havin' fun & lovin' to run!!!=)


Templeton and Jane are included in this very cool book by photographer/artist Vaughn Wilson
It includes images and stories of "horsey" celebs like Michael Martin Murphey,
Charlie Daniels, Allen Pogue, Chris Cox, Red Stegall, Barry Corbin, Tuff Hedeman, Clinton Anderson and a bunch more.
Check it out at

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