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THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU from the bottom of my hippie chic cowgirl heart to these WONDER~full folks who have contributed to our Indiegogo NEW hippie chic cowgirl CD Crowdfunding Campaign!!! y'all ROCK, your support means the world to me & the herd!!! this is gonna be one FUN RIDE y'all!!!!
some of y'all have chosen to remain anonymous but just know that we know who you are & APPRECIATE ALL of you BIG TIME!! ~i'm just listing first names at the moment, making sure you want to be listed:)~

Cody, Karen, Melanie, Michelle, Dag, Kathy & Eugene, Deenie, Phyllis, Marie, Mark, John, Melinda, Peter, Frankie, Franz, Glenn, Mickey, Susie, Barbara, Eliza, Stephanie, Alix, Patricia, Terri, Richard, Wayne, Antony, Marsha, Tricia & Richard, Katie, Esther, Theadore, Karen P., Lisa, Terry, Jo, Nancy, Craig, Mike, Melanie, Geneviève, Dave, Dani, Philip, Margaret, Tandy, Dorrie, Robin, Paula, Dave, Dawn R., Vicki, Lonny, Christina, Linda, Kayla, Pete, Lynn, Tiffany,Tiffany M., Sgt Reckless Memorial Fund/Robin Hutton, Lynn T., Kathy, Robert, Loch, Cathy, Shelby, Andrew, Starr, Connie, Kim, Caroline, Tommy, Lee, Robin S., Summer, Nancy, Gary, Vicki B., Jean T., Leslie, Eric, Natalie, Lisa Jo L., Gary P., Amy, Candace, Jenne & many more anonymous ROCKSTARS!!...:)

tt & the herd:)
more about Templeton in ROCKSTAR COWBOY Cody's words=) Cody has been a dear friend for a long time now, it's AMAZING how the internet works! Cody reached out to us years ago about a website redesign, now, thanks to Cody, we're hip to cooler website options like sending a download through a newsletter, etc. but MORE importantly, we have Cody as a dear friend who's practically family to us & he's been working SO hard to help us REACH our Indiegogo Crowd funding Campaign goal & to help us #GETTHATPONYRODE!!!
to find out more about Cody, please visit, this young man is going to make the Music Industry BETTER y'all!!:)
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