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BIG, BIG GRATITUDE to our friends at
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follow you anywhere

i've now taken to calling this song,
"follow you OdienCash anywhere"
~we just had to say goodbye to our precious
tiny BUT OH SO MIGHTY kitty cat tiny Cash who you see
with me & my BIG beauty~full ROCKSTAR Jane in the video pic...
seems like yesterday we had to say goodbye to our sweet Odie...
none of these things ever make sense but i'm finding peace in
knowing that our two precious kitty cat boys are up yonder sportin' their
Heavenly ANGEL wings & havin' a blast runnin' around in
Heavenly horse poop spotted pastures...we MISS & LOVE you
SO MUCH our precious tiny Cash...i know you & your precious
brother Odie are ALWAYS with us & with us in ALL WAYS~

i'm SO GRATEFUL for this song & for ALL the AMAZIN' that's
been happenin' for us & the herd, this seemed like the song
to share with y'all this just kinda "fell out" a few
months ago with LOTS of help from all of my co~writers;
God n Odie aka "monkey man," (who we lost right before
this song came to be, he makes a special appearance;)
& my whole beauty~full herd...with writin' songs, i never feel
like it's really ME writin' them anyway=) it was inspired by
watchin' the INCREDIBLE "7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman"
DVD series project that we're SO grateful to be a musical
part of & LUCKY me, the song just fell into my lap,
i'm SO GRATEFUL i was there to catch it!=)  

the recording is the VERY live guitar vocal (you can even hear
mine & sam's chairs creakin' in the studio in the background;)
me & sam recorded a few days after it fell out=) and the video
is live & in the moment too=) we just went out into the sun &
made some home videos of me out playin' with our babies,
we had SO MUCH fun, just bein' in the moment out with our
ROCKSTAR herd=) i wanted y'all to hear it in it's most natural,
authentic & honest form & when you see the video, i think you'll
understand=) i'm such a LUCKY mama
cowgirl, SO GRATEFUL for my beauty~full family & this
wonder~full LIFE!! 
i hope you're feelin' BLESSED & GRATEFUL too=)

dream BIG * work hard * have faith,
tt, sam, jane, beau, bandy, cash, gus & the whole planet cowgirl herd=)
find more of our music here:
"follow us here:)":


"believe," inspired by words of wisdom from our friend,
buck brannaman & also on our "songs from 7 clinics" cd=) 
be sure to check out Cindy Meehl's
AMAZING & INSPIRING & award winning documentary,
Buck & the 7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman DVD series
& Buck's books, The Faraway Horses & Believe,
co~authored by william reynolds=) they’ll INSPIRE you
& your horses will thank you=) you'll be better for it,

dream BIG * work hard * have faith,
& like our ROCKSTAR cowboy bud buck always says, 
"...and above all else, BELIEVE"=)

stronger in the broken places

When I Get That Pony Rode music video

Templeton Thompson Video

someday soon

i love this song, recorded by suzy bogguss & others & written & recorded by the uber~talented ian tyson...

this one's for our ROCKSTAR cowboy bud, buck brannaman=) make sure to go see the award winning documentary Buck created by our ROCKSTAR filmmaker cowgirl bud, cindy meehl...details at

it's in theaters across the US starting tomorrow, 6/17/11!!

dream big * work hard * have faith, don't forget to have fun & like buck always says, "BELIEVE"!!!=)

pretty ponies "pasture version"

cover of Lyle Lovett's if i had a boat

happy yee~halidays from tt & the herd 12/5/12

11/15/12 like breathin'

i love to run;)

happy third thursday on friday 10/19/12;)

the cd is also available for download on my website
& will be available for download soon on itunes &

commercial spot for our new "songs from 7 clinics" cd...
"songs from 7 clinics" is a collection of our music
recorded for, featured in & inspired by filmmaker
Cindy Meehl's new project, "7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman"
the DVD series... to find out more about the
"7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman" DVD series
& to purchase the DVDs, 

Cindy Meehl is the creator & director of the
winning documentary, "Buck"...
sam & i are SO GRATEFUL to be a musical part of this
INCREDIBLE project!!

~ please visit 
to hear more of our music=)

believe intro.

wishin' you wings

from the ON HORSES' WINGS benefit cd,
many thanks to our ROCKSTAR cowgirl bud &
executive producer of this cd, Patti Hall,
it's an honor to be included on this project with patti &
buck brannaman=)
this song is also on
my new "songs from 7 clinics" cd
from our performance at the coupe in bon aqua, tn last summer...
this show is what inspired us to make our limited release album,
icy blue heart=) 
it was an honor to share the stage with these ROCKSTARS!!=)
my hubs, sam gay, on acoustic & electric guitar & bgvs
porter howell on electric guitar
tony mac on drums
michael dearing on bass & bgvs
anthony martin on keys
thanks oodles to gary & mickey timm at GT audio video
for filming for us last year & for editing this video for us,
check out their other work at
& check out the great folks at the coupe,
and check out details on this AWESOME song, it's always
an honor to sing it=)
peace, love & rock~n~roll y'all,
i'm posting this partial performance of our song "i love to run"
in honor of the sweet, beauty~full & the unforgettable ROCKSTAR,
this is a performance from when we were up in muncie,
in with the creator of the INCREDIBLE sculpting the wind documentary,
allison pareis & alexa king, the artist who created the AMAZING
sculpture of the great Barbaro that is permantly on display at
churchill downs (see the trailer for the documentary here)... 
you can purchase our song "i love to run" here
& also on cd baby & itunes=)
you can purchase our icy blue heart album
version of this song from our website & from cd baby & it will be
on itunes soon=)
this is one of my most favorite songs ever!=) my kingdom to have
had the chance to meet one of my heroes, Dan Fogelberg...
he must've been a sweetheart & i always feel honored to sing
his's one of the best songs ever written in my opinion &
everytime i hear it & when i'm performing it somewhere out there
on the road i'm reminded to "let the kid out" and to always
"join in the dance"=)

~ make sure to check out ~ i signed the petition
to induct this ROCKSTAR cowboy into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame,
please do the same & make sure you're always
"joinin' in the dance" ~~
Here's what Eric Mills, Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria,
had to say about our version=)
"Templeton and Sam's new rendition of Dan Fogelberg's
"Run For The Roses" is the best version of the song that
I've heard since Dan's original was released in the
early 1980's. They've stripped the song down to it's
very essence, and made it their own, while still holding
onto the song's true spirit. It is a great example of
Templeton and Sam's talent and chemistry, and a
great honor to Dan Fogelberg,
as well!"

thanks SO much to sweet Eric for those kind words &
for his AMAZING support & to the whole DF herd for all the
support & kindness, sam & i are humbled & grateful!!=) ~
I feel honored every time I sing "run for the roses" & I look
forwardto the day I get to sing it at the Kentucky Derby, for
those of you who know me, y'all know that I dream BIG,
you got to!! 
 Here's to ALWAYS "joinin' in the dance."
dream BIG * work hard * have faith, tt & the herd=)
 4/12/12 ~ oopsi, well it just dawned on me that this is in fact not the third thursday of the month, i guess we've had a lot goin' on & well, old age, that's my only excuse
since we hadn't done a third thursday in a while, i figure we're catchin' up, we may even do another next week which actually will be the third thursday in april 
until next time, thanks oodles for all the support y'all!! tt & the herd
 for more info. about the Icy Blue Heart band, please visit our website:

happy yee~halidays intro.

 don't forget your "happy yee~halidays" gear, get it here:
(more designs on our new "get grateful" store comin' soon=)

these clips are from our show with Porter Howell of Little Texas & Makky Kaylor
at Natchez Hills Vineyard in Hampshire, TN 12/6/11

~~ wishin' you a very merry Christmas & happy yee~halidays y'all,
dream big * work hard * have faith, tt & the herd=)

tt&sam happy yee~halidays LIVE

porter howell ~ everyday's like Christmas

makky kaylor ~ they saw a king

9/15/11 ~ ~~ THANKS SO MUCH to EVERYONE for your INCREDIBLE & GENEROUS support of my new "icy blue heart" album!!
WE DID IT, y'all did it!!! you helped me raise almost $7,500 towards making & finishing the new record!! i'm forever grateful & can't wait to get this new album into the hands of EVERYONE who PRE~ORDERED & PLEDGED on my project page=) i'm one GRATEFUL cowgirl!!! life ROCKS & so do y'all!!

it's been a little GOOD CRAZY around here with all that's going on, so, i'm repeating last month's third thursday session this month=) hope y'all are all having a fantabulous week, here's to doin' what you LOVE!! MUCHO, MUCHO GRATITUDE, HUGS, MUSIC & HORSES, tt & the pc herd

  templeton thompson's third thursday sessions ~ our rendition of a james taylor classic...i took a few liberties, hope one of my heroes, the AMAZIN' ROCKSTAR mr. taylor wouldn't mind=) cowboys & indians magazine asked me a while back to list my top 10 favorite tunes, this is one of them, makes me happy, makes me smile=)

7/22/11 ~ happy third thursday on a friday y'all!! have a happy weekend everybody!!
wishin' you peace, love, light & joy, tt, sam, jane, beau, bandy, gus, cash, T, odie, zoolander, prissy & all the wild cats (aka the planet cowgirl herd=)

6/16/11 ~ howdy everybody!! well, go figure, we were a little bit behind getting our new third thursday sessions up on the website & on you tube tonight but we did it!=) also, make sure to go check out, it's coming to a theater near you starting tomorrow, YEE HA!!!=) it's INCREDIBLE & a MUST SEE!!!=) we're soooo proud for buck & cindy & that whole herd, here's to doin' what you LOVE!!=)you'll be better for seein' the film, i know it to my soul!
love, light, joy & gratitude,
 5/20/11 ~ well, it's a third thursday on a friday y'all, my downloads went slow last night but i got 'er dun!=) happy friday y'all! have a fantabulous weekend=)
~new "unofficial" third thursday session comin' later on this evenin,' i'm without the help of my partner in crime today, he's a bit pity~full (i'll explain & you'll understand when you see the first video) this episode's a little bit different~


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